Friday, January 29, 2010

A Page Turner Review

i have a blog called a page turner review that you should check out. i will review books but i need you guys to suggest books.


nothing is really new today but i have been seeing spiral stuff at the bazaar. there are house items. there is a floor rug type thing that is the spiral triangle (i have it). there is also a giant huge wall type thing (i also have). where do these things come from? and are there others?

Thursday, January 28, 2010

sorry and other news

i was unable to log on to my blog bacause of troubles with the computer and the blogger website.I am sorry about the break.

In other news I GOT THE LIFE HOUSE. i may have told you this but i will retell you. I designed the school houses. well actucaly only the life, myth, ice, and storm. I do hope you believe me.

I also have a new blog witch you can check. I will review and reads different books. I will almost anything as long as its not scary or the twilight saga.

Thankyou very much for reading this blog

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Blog

i also have a new blog in which i reveiw books. you can email me new books and if i have time i will read them and review. its called A Page Turner Review

Look up

the picture at the top is a picture of marcia overstrand. find out more about her from one of my older posts. I just thought that you should know how she is. MARCIA OVERSTRAND ROCKS!


i was playing on and ended up making 2 hats. I really love greek\roman mythology and the percy jackson series. So in honor of both i made the hats. It didnt take any talent to do but i still feel good about my idea. one says: my mother is a greek goddess. and the other says: my father is a greek god. just go to zazzle to see them.


I also forgot to say HAPPY 2010!

School Houses

I know you guys have seen the new school houses but i dont think you know whose idea it was. A few months ago I had a school house idea. So i told my friends and sent in an email. Now all of a sudden they have school houses with all my ideas. This really pisses me off because they never told me they were going to use it. One day i just log on and they have my idea on the computer. For proof you can ask the following friends who i also know in real life: Amber Stargem, Vanessa Sunrider, and Gabrielle Iceheart.