Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Good Gosh

Soory I havent been on, I forgot my username. You see, a long time ago I had a email that I really liked so I made a blog using the email (that blog has since been deleated and replaced many times). I used the same account and made
The Life of a Griffin. After that I made a new email which I have had for about 2 years and 4 months. The first week of me not being on is because of the SSRCG. Then half of the second week was baecause I had tests. Then I tryed to get back on and it would not let me. I got frustrated and havent been on. Then yesterday I remembered that I used my old email, stupid me. Dont say it, yes, I have tryed to change my username, no luck. So now I have a huge post-it note stuck to my computer screen. May it never fall of! (God only knows what would happen)

You may have also noticed that SSRCG has disappered, this is because I accidentially deleted it. I meant to delete my other blog but I clicked the wrong thing. I just havent been up to reemaking it and the whole username thing didnt help. But I am making SSRCG into a book, I am on page 134.

I also havent been on wizard101 because my laptop's harddrive got fried and this lame computer cant download it bacaues it is to slow, its so choppy it gets you
sea-sick (or should it be computer sick???)So I have no clue whats new, sorry.

This is a really lame post, hope you dont mind.

Wha ha ha. Wha ha -cough- -choke-

Christina Griffin

Thursday, April 1, 2010


just go check S.S.R.C.G.