Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My New Blog

I have created a new blog, as you can guess by the title. I wint tell you anything, you have to go and check it out.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Christina Hex

I made a new character whose name is Christina Hex. She is the opposite of Christina Griffin who is of course life. Therfore Hex is death. I started on her a few days ago and she is now in Krok. She is awesome! I hope that all of you add Hex to your friends list.

Wha ha ha! Wha -cough- Wha ha ha ha ha!

Griffin OUT!

Friday, March 19, 2010


I just got my BMOG today and I got a sweet staff that is longer than a wand but you hold it like a wand but yet its still a staff. Its like a combination of both. I am kinda lazy right now so maybe Ill post a picture later.

Wha ha ha Wha -cough- Wha ha ha ha ha!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Van's Birthday

If you haven't checked Myth Master lately then you may haven't heard that it is Van's Birthday. She was born today, St. Pats. So say happy birthday to Van and have a great St. Pats!

You your not wearing green you just got a virtual pinch!

Wha ha ha ha! Wha ha ha ha HA!

The Griffin is OUT!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

PVPs suck!

I HATE pvps. I have lost every time I have ever tried to battle. No matter who I battle with or against I always seem to die, no matter what! Like today this happened.

So I get into the battle(2v2) and my teammember wont talk to me. Of course they take me out first because of course I am life. I sit there the entire battle, knock out, talking with the other team, maling them laugh of course, them my team member heals me and says:
"Now you better heal yoursel"
But i only had 35 health and the other team ,sadly, take me out. They were upset because they were the ones who had been trying to get me healed so I could at least battle. Then I stsay knocked out the rest of the time. I am now friends with the other team but I still hate pvps. Sometimes I like the other team better than my and add them but most of the time but usually me and the other team go into a world class pissing match in which I end up reporting them and igorning them too. I currently have 93 people on my ignore list.

Dont try to help me cause your score will go down and dont vs me cause you will most likely get into a pissing match. I warn you, be careful if you end up battling me.

All Better

The Dell dude came out today and fixed the laptop.
ITS ALL BETTER! Also I hope that you like the new "Life of a Griffin"
The color theme, picture, and web address have changed. I hope you like it!

Monday, March 15, 2010


It just found out that there are REAL people with the name Christina Griffin! No fair! Why do THEY get a cool name! There are a bunch of them too! They all stole it! There are EVEN COMPANIES that are name CHRISTINA GRIFFIN...No fair! Each One Of Them Is A Name Stealer! If you don't believe me just go to Google and type in "Christina Griffin." You wait and see!

It was my name FIRST!
(very unlikely)

(Wha haha, Wha ha ha ha ha!) (-cough- Wha ha ha) (ha)


I know this is lame but i have loved pokemon since i was little. Today i found a pokemon card creator and made an awesome new card. check it out:


the picture memory thingy in the hard-drive of my laptop is broken so i cant see anything on the screen. Hopefully it will get fixed soon because we have to have a dell person come out. you may also be wondering why i can type this. its because we have another laptop but it sucks so much i cant play on it.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Shiny + Books

i got a new crown outfit and the seraph wings. i even got a new shiny sword! Wha ha ha! Wha ha ha!

Also i am currently writing 5 books. Overload! i want to write all of them but i dont know which one to do first. Comment on which one:

Griffin: a young girl finds out she is destined to join a griffin clan
Dragon: a boy finds out that he is destined to ride dragons and destroy the griffins
Birds Song: a young indian boy trys to find his real name
Forces: a circle of dragon riders protect a dangerous land
Flame: a girl finds that she is THE element flame

(this is all copyrighted)