Thursday, December 16, 2010

Super Boringness but almost CHRISTMAS!

Again, I havent been doing anything. Still hate gardening, officially quit it, and bought a star staff. Nothing is really going on in the game, unless you still have quests. But its almost Christmas! WOOT! 9 more days! I love Christmas! As you can tell I am Christian, Catholic to be exact, and I am being Confirmed this year. I choose St Helena of the True Cross. So yeah. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Gardening Clause

Gardening has come to the live realm! The words of Moolinda Wu:

"To get started on your path to a greener thumb, visit me in my classroom in Ravenwood if you are level 12 or higher"

I personally, as I have said earlier, hate gardening. Way to time consuming. I wont be gardening (still havent started crafting, hate that too) but I encourage anyone who wants or has already statred gardening. If you want to send me any info on gardening, feel free.


Also Christmas is here! Felix NaviDad is back and has a wide range of Christmas decore. He sells a santa hat, cloak, shoes, wands and staffs, and 2 awesome pets. For boys the outfit is just like the one Felix wears, a santa one. The girl's version in one more of a outfit from the cover of A Christmas Carol. I love the staffs and plan to but one, even though the dont do a lot of damage. I also plan to get a pet. The 2 pets are a Christmas snowman and a Christmas elf. Now I just have to get crowns.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I HATE THE JADE ONI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have battled the Jade Oni 72 times now and it wont give me the Jade Oni's Vestament!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY OH WHY! All I want to do is get it, dye it black so the pretty life symbols and then stitch it with the horrid robe of rapture! BUT NO! JADE ONI DOESNT FEEL LIKE IT! GAHHHHHHHHHH! I JUST WANT MY ROBE :(!!!!!!!!!!!!! So yeah. I havent really done anything else. I dont like gardening. Its so boring! Have any of you seen the HP7 Pt2 trailer? Looks like Helena (bonham carter for those who dont know her) go a lot of epic parts! I love Helena. Yeah I know. I am such a dork. But arent we all? Yes, Yes we are. Dont denies it. You know its true. Yup. So yeah.


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Frontier of Gardening

Well if you havent heard there is a new expansion called gardening (now open in the test realm). I myself havent started it yet because i feel to get far on the test real is silly. You get super far then it comes on the live realm and you have to do it all over again. Just plan silly. I know friendly is working on gardening a lot though so if you want to hear about it I suggests going there. I have to do a report on Johann Strauss II and dont have any time to start it! Sorry. But anyway I finally got a frontier dragon! It took me forever to find one (couldnt find pioneer) but one of my friends, Ethan, had a frontier and agreed to hatch with me!! I dont know if you know this but I played beta. I had a pioneer but the account was stolen like a week after I got it! So I got the closet thing I could get, frontier! With the help of another friend I got him to adult and he learned spritely!! WOOT! This is my 5th pet who learned spritely! I feel pretty successful. I havent done anything else really execpt farming jade oni. I really want jade oni's vestment cause it has cool life symbols on it but I have fought him 16th times and havent gotten it yet! But once I do I am going to stitch it with my rope of rapture (best life gear is rapture) cause it is SUPER ugly. My friend, Bailey Jade, already stitched hers. Well yeah. Off to read about Johann Strauss II. What a stupid name. Who would name there kid that?

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Head slowly exploding and falling over to the left

Well I havent been blogging cause I have been, guees what, sick. I know. Dont believe I have sick for this long? Well I have, and Im still sick. Tell the doctors. 3 blood tests, 1 CT, 1 MRI, a trip to the ER at Children's in downtown, and a consultation with a a group of specialists and a nerlogists (yeah, spelling mistake). And guess what? They gave me pain medication and sent me out the door. The nero guy didnt even bother to say my name right. My illness includes: my head hurting (like a migrane), and dizziness. One day I became so dizzy that I fell out of my bed, and for the next few days I fell to the left. The medication works and I have been playing, not a lot though. So there you have it. Another excuse from Christina Griffin. Well, I really have been sick. Sorry. Yup. ZEBRA!


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Epic Time

I got the $39 doller epic bundle gift card! It rocks! If you love wizard101 then this is a must get. It comes with:

Epic clothing set
Gryphon Mount
Ancient Spear of Power
Mystery Dueling Pet (Feirce Hound)
Fantasy Castle
Minigame Machine (put in house)
1 month subscription/crowns
Extra Castle Space Elixer

It is awesome!

While I was playing I ported to my friend who was doing the Solar District dungeon in Celestia (the last one) and helped them with the final battle. Then leveled! I am now 60! WOOT! Legendary Theurgist Time!

Sunday, November 7, 2010


Well this morning I reached level 58! Finally! And I got Forest Lord!

Saturday, November 6, 2010


Yesterday my friend, Samantha UnicornWisperer, and I hatched. She got Jade Hound and I got my 11 satyr. Well she was super nice enough to train her Jade Hound and hatch with me again so I could get Jade Hound. And thats what we did a few minutes ago. And I got Chimerical egg, (which is Jade Hound). Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woot! Thankyou Samanatha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I just have to wait 21 hours! Woot!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Goodbye Science Center!

I finally finished the Science Center! I REALLY hated that place! I had to fight life guys (the same ones) over and over to collect stuff for about 5 DIFFERENT quests! One of the collecting quests took me 4 hours to do! Thats just unreasonable! You hear me KI!? THAT IS MESSED UP! Anyway I am now in Crab Empire! Woot?! I dont know if its bad or good. The only good thing about getting there is I leveled! I am now 57 and one more level closer to Forest Lord (the first life all attack spell)!

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Well I hatched my satyr with and orthrus and I got a lifebloom egg. And after a 21 hours of pulling my h air out wondering what is, it hatched. And I got a Traveller. A walking tree with one eye. Yeah, I know. But then I saw it. IT ROCKS! Check it out:

His name is Ben. And soon you will see him walking around the spiral as a epic!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

New and Shiny

I have changed my blog aa bit. No may have noticed or you may have not, either way you now know!! I am now level 55 and still have a lot of computer problems with wiFi, wizard101, and a whole lot of other computer tech. things. Hpefully I will be able to blog more and not have long periods when nothing happens. Anyway, say hello to Celestia!!

Celestia is the new world (out of 6) and is based on the underwater world of Atlantis. In my opinion its a bit confusing but at least the grandmasters have something to do now! With this new world came a new level cap (60), new spells, monsters, pets, mounts, and schools! The new level cap is 60 and at level 58 you receive a new spell. Life gets Nature Lord, Death id Skeletal Dragon, Myth is Medusa, Fire is Efreet, Ice is Snow Angel, Storm is Leviathan, and Balance id Ra. The new schools are Sun (buffing), Moon (morphing), and Star (awesomeness). The new mounts are underwater themed (such as a stingray or shark) so When you are underwater it looks like your swimming. This is pretty cool but when your not under the waves it looks kinda weird and in my opinion it gives you a headache. The pets are likewise (underwater themed). Even with these downsides Celestia is pretty cool.

But I will be taking a brake form this cool, new world to endure on a quest. A quest for a Jade Hound!!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Oh help me lord, I hate WiFi!

Oh help me lord, I hate WiFi! Every 10 minutes while I am playing my WiFi losses connection and my laptop basically blows up!! When I log back in it turns out cause I "abruptly left the game" I was still in the battle. Like right now I am typing this on my phone and it's really hard!! Awwwwwwwwwwwww! Anyway you are now reading the writing of a level 55 Thurgest! Yes, level 55 and I am quit pround of it. But that's mostly because Van (Vanessa SunRider) is still level 50 (Wha ha ha)(We know each other in real life) so I get to give her trouble about that. I was going to trynto get farther but my WiFi went "Boom". Stupid WiFi. My friend, Artur, and I were going to hatch (he has an orthrus) and try to get a Jade Hound (super cute) yesterday but that's when my WiFi blew up so I didn't get to hatch and he is probulatly mad at me now. IF YOU ARE READING THIS ARTER BLAME THE WiFi!!!! Anyway...yeah. Hopefully you wizards will soon see me riding a Gryphon mount (trying to get my hands on a card). Speaking of mounts is it true that you get a school mount when you are level 58? If it is what's the Life one? Thanks, and see you in the Spiral!!!!

Tomatoes are a fruit, not a vegi!!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

I'm Back!

Well my dad and I figured out a way for wizard101 to work! I might not continue blogging but I thought that one the off chance someone still checked this dusty blog they might see that I'm back. I might blog once in a while but I'm in 8th grade now and I'm not the same kid that started blogging forever ago and I have to work on my math grade. So...I'm back! And hopefully as great as ever!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010


As you know Amber is leaving the blogsphere :( Well I have to leave to, for 2 reasons. Well I have a problem. I play wizard101 on my Dad's laptop that he brings to work beacause its the only computer that will handle wizard101 with freezing but this caused a problem. You see my Dad has a screen at work that he hooks his laptop to so he can do this on that instead of the small laptop screen.
This is the problem:
I play wizard101 after Dad gets home
I logout and the laptop is fine
Dad brings laptop to work
Dad pluges laptop on screen
Big screen goes nuts while laptop screen is fine
Dad has to do a systom restore

Usually the system restore works but last time I played and it didnt. So I can no longer play wizard101. We have emailed wizard101 many times but we never get any replies. There is nothing we know of that we can do. So I am leaving wizard101 till we figure out what is wrong so I will also stop blogging. I was going to stop blogging anyway. Till we figure this out you wont be seeing me. Goodbye.

Yours truly,
Christina Griffin

Goodbye Amber

Amber Stargem is leaving the blogsphere. Goodbye Amber, see you in the spiral and in real life!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

June 1st

Well I dont know if I told you are not but June 1st was my birthday! I got a iPhone! I have really awesome apps like:

Traffic Rush
House M.D.
Angry Birds
Fruit Ninja

Do you guys like my apps? Do you guys have any recomanditions? Post a comment!



Join the PFCR today!

Monday, May 31, 2010

50 Posts and a Griffin

This is my 50th post and I have decided to celebrate it with putting a griffin at the top. I got the sketch from a website called elfwood where people put pictures up of things they have drawn. I hope the person doesnt mind that I put the picture on my blog although the person called it a gryphon when you, my 8 followers, know it is called a griffin. Well that is really all for the big 50.

My birthday is tomorrow (if you want to send me a present or something just email me)

Christina Griffin, Extra Ordinary Wizard

Extra Ordinary Wizard is from Septimus Heap



(I have more random dragons that are all named Winston and look the same)


Finally after playing the dance game basically all day my shardtail dragon,Phoebe, has made it to ADULT! OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!


I won my first ranked derby race with Phoebe!

New Update: Phoebe

Phoebe is now really close to being adult but I ran out of energy and crowns to buy the energy! Here is his new stats:

Almost Adult

Well I have been working on my shardtail dragon (Phoebe) to try to reach adult. I am close but my head hurts from doing the dance game for about an hour. I mean look at how cute he is! I got him from a Beckett Massive Online Gamer code! Would anyone want to hatch with him when he reaches adult? Anyone? Leave a comment or email me at and dont even think about sending my junk mail!


Christina Griffn

Friday, May 28, 2010

Pet Party

Pets have been upgraded in the Spiral! Pets can now play games, eat pudding, mate and hatch to make brand new never before seen pets with sweet powers, cast there own spells in battles, and if you have extra pets in your backpack you can put them out in your house! I have two rooms in my house (which is the life school house). In the basement I have extra pets like my free piggle, blue cyclopes, fire cat, goul, fire bird, lucky leprechaun, red gobbler, and earthwalker. Outside in the tent thing I have my army of dragons (that I will one day rule the world with) and outside I have a cute little unicorn named Stella. In other news I am also really close to being a grand after my year of being stuck as 49 by lack of quests. Wizard101 is also having a crown sale and the gobbler give-a-way is over (I won a gobbler!). They also have a new pet comertial that is on all the time (its on right now).

In other news my birthday is in 5 days (June 1) and I want seasons 1 and 5 of House (I already own 2,3,and4)

Wish me a Happy Birthday and that is the news in the Spiral!

(Here are some sweet pics of my pet house (which I call a pet cave)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


As you may have noticed nothing new has really been added to wizard101 lately but new changes are on the way! Christina Hex is now in Krokospinx and Christina Griffin is still stuck at level 49 and the SSRCG has been disbandedcan. Besides that there is nothing new which is why I was not compelled to write anything for the longest time (sorry) But in other news I get out of school this week! I have a half day friday then I am done! I am sad though because my favorite teacher is leaving and all the evil ones are staying! See you later!

-Christina Griffin

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Good Gosh

Soory I havent been on, I forgot my username. You see, a long time ago I had a email that I really liked so I made a blog using the email (that blog has since been deleated and replaced many times). I used the same account and made
The Life of a Griffin. After that I made a new email which I have had for about 2 years and 4 months. The first week of me not being on is because of the SSRCG. Then half of the second week was baecause I had tests. Then I tryed to get back on and it would not let me. I got frustrated and havent been on. Then yesterday I remembered that I used my old email, stupid me. Dont say it, yes, I have tryed to change my username, no luck. So now I have a huge post-it note stuck to my computer screen. May it never fall of! (God only knows what would happen)

You may have also noticed that SSRCG has disappered, this is because I accidentially deleted it. I meant to delete my other blog but I clicked the wrong thing. I just havent been up to reemaking it and the whole username thing didnt help. But I am making SSRCG into a book, I am on page 134.

I also havent been on wizard101 because my laptop's harddrive got fried and this lame computer cant download it bacaues it is to slow, its so choppy it gets you
sea-sick (or should it be computer sick???)So I have no clue whats new, sorry.

This is a really lame post, hope you dont mind.

Wha ha ha. Wha ha -cough- -choke-

Christina Griffin

Thursday, April 1, 2010


just go check S.S.R.C.G.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My New Blog

I have created a new blog, as you can guess by the title. I wint tell you anything, you have to go and check it out.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Christina Hex

I made a new character whose name is Christina Hex. She is the opposite of Christina Griffin who is of course life. Therfore Hex is death. I started on her a few days ago and she is now in Krok. She is awesome! I hope that all of you add Hex to your friends list.

Wha ha ha! Wha -cough- Wha ha ha ha ha!

Griffin OUT!

Friday, March 19, 2010


I just got my BMOG today and I got a sweet staff that is longer than a wand but you hold it like a wand but yet its still a staff. Its like a combination of both. I am kinda lazy right now so maybe Ill post a picture later.

Wha ha ha Wha -cough- Wha ha ha ha ha!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Van's Birthday

If you haven't checked Myth Master lately then you may haven't heard that it is Van's Birthday. She was born today, St. Pats. So say happy birthday to Van and have a great St. Pats!

You your not wearing green you just got a virtual pinch!

Wha ha ha ha! Wha ha ha ha HA!

The Griffin is OUT!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

PVPs suck!

I HATE pvps. I have lost every time I have ever tried to battle. No matter who I battle with or against I always seem to die, no matter what! Like today this happened.

So I get into the battle(2v2) and my teammember wont talk to me. Of course they take me out first because of course I am life. I sit there the entire battle, knock out, talking with the other team, maling them laugh of course, them my team member heals me and says:
"Now you better heal yoursel"
But i only had 35 health and the other team ,sadly, take me out. They were upset because they were the ones who had been trying to get me healed so I could at least battle. Then I stsay knocked out the rest of the time. I am now friends with the other team but I still hate pvps. Sometimes I like the other team better than my and add them but most of the time but usually me and the other team go into a world class pissing match in which I end up reporting them and igorning them too. I currently have 93 people on my ignore list.

Dont try to help me cause your score will go down and dont vs me cause you will most likely get into a pissing match. I warn you, be careful if you end up battling me.

All Better

The Dell dude came out today and fixed the laptop.
ITS ALL BETTER! Also I hope that you like the new "Life of a Griffin"
The color theme, picture, and web address have changed. I hope you like it!

Monday, March 15, 2010


It just found out that there are REAL people with the name Christina Griffin! No fair! Why do THEY get a cool name! There are a bunch of them too! They all stole it! There are EVEN COMPANIES that are name CHRISTINA GRIFFIN...No fair! Each One Of Them Is A Name Stealer! If you don't believe me just go to Google and type in "Christina Griffin." You wait and see!

It was my name FIRST!
(very unlikely)

(Wha haha, Wha ha ha ha ha!) (-cough- Wha ha ha) (ha)


I know this is lame but i have loved pokemon since i was little. Today i found a pokemon card creator and made an awesome new card. check it out:


the picture memory thingy in the hard-drive of my laptop is broken so i cant see anything on the screen. Hopefully it will get fixed soon because we have to have a dell person come out. you may also be wondering why i can type this. its because we have another laptop but it sucks so much i cant play on it.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Shiny + Books

i got a new crown outfit and the seraph wings. i even got a new shiny sword! Wha ha ha! Wha ha ha!

Also i am currently writing 5 books. Overload! i want to write all of them but i dont know which one to do first. Comment on which one:

Griffin: a young girl finds out she is destined to join a griffin clan
Dragon: a boy finds out that he is destined to ride dragons and destroy the griffins
Birds Song: a young indian boy trys to find his real name
Forces: a circle of dragon riders protect a dangerous land
Flame: a girl finds that she is THE element flame

(this is all copyrighted)

Saturday, February 27, 2010


i am back for awile until i get my newest math test back. you see my teacher (mrs. gross) was standing on a chair trying to get something down when she fell. she hit her head on a desk and became unconseious. then she hit the floor and broke her wrist. she is currently in the hospital and undergoing surgery. so that means she cant grade the tests.

her name is really Mrs. Gross

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


sorry i have been grounded for the week so far, every time i gat a bad grade on a test i cant get on till the end of the week. this is the first time i have been on. i hope to ace my test tomorrow but if i got blog and it tomorrow you know i have been grounded for another week. see ya

Thursday, February 11, 2010

New Outfit

I got a new outfit! Its a wizard city outfit with those cool school life ruins on it. Yeah I know you think it would have lame stats but I stiched by boring ds clothes into it. Awesome looking noob clothes with awesome stats! I know you are jealous so jion the fun. Buy you wizard city ruin clothes and stich them. Jealous much?