Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Frontier of Gardening

Well if you havent heard there is a new expansion called gardening (now open in the test realm). I myself havent started it yet because i feel to get far on the test real is silly. You get super far then it comes on the live realm and you have to do it all over again. Just plan silly. I know friendly is working on gardening a lot though so if you want to hear about it I suggests going there. I have to do a report on Johann Strauss II and dont have any time to start it! Sorry. But anyway I finally got a frontier dragon! It took me forever to find one (couldnt find pioneer) but one of my friends, Ethan, had a frontier and agreed to hatch with me!! I dont know if you know this but I played beta. I had a pioneer but the account was stolen like a week after I got it! So I got the closet thing I could get, frontier! With the help of another friend I got him to adult and he learned spritely!! WOOT! This is my 5th pet who learned spritely! I feel pretty successful. I havent done anything else really execpt farming jade oni. I really want jade oni's vestment cause it has cool life symbols on it but I have fought him 16th times and havent gotten it yet! But once I do I am going to stitch it with my rope of rapture (best life gear is rapture) cause it is SUPER ugly. My friend, Bailey Jade, already stitched hers. Well yeah. Off to read about Johann Strauss II. What a stupid name. Who would name there kid that?

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