Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Gardening Clause

Gardening has come to the live realm! The words of Moolinda Wu:

"To get started on your path to a greener thumb, visit me in my classroom in Ravenwood if you are level 12 or higher"

I personally, as I have said earlier, hate gardening. Way to time consuming. I wont be gardening (still havent started crafting, hate that too) but I encourage anyone who wants or has already statred gardening. If you want to send me any info on gardening, feel free.


Also Christmas is here! Felix NaviDad is back and has a wide range of Christmas decore. He sells a santa hat, cloak, shoes, wands and staffs, and 2 awesome pets. For boys the outfit is just like the one Felix wears, a santa one. The girl's version in one more of a outfit from the cover of A Christmas Carol. I love the staffs and plan to but one, even though the dont do a lot of damage. I also plan to get a pet. The 2 pets are a Christmas snowman and a Christmas elf. Now I just have to get crowns.

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