Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I HATE THE JADE ONI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have battled the Jade Oni 72 times now and it wont give me the Jade Oni's Vestament!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY OH WHY! All I want to do is get it, dye it black so the pretty life symbols and then stitch it with the horrid robe of rapture! BUT NO! JADE ONI DOESNT FEEL LIKE IT! GAHHHHHHHHHH! I JUST WANT MY ROBE :(!!!!!!!!!!!!! So yeah. I havent really done anything else. I dont like gardening. Its so boring! Have any of you seen the HP7 Pt2 trailer? Looks like Helena (bonham carter for those who dont know her) go a lot of epic parts! I love Helena. Yeah I know. I am such a dork. But arent we all? Yes, Yes we are. Dont denies it. You know its true. Yup. So yeah.


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