Saturday, November 27, 2010

Head slowly exploding and falling over to the left

Well I havent been blogging cause I have been, guees what, sick. I know. Dont believe I have sick for this long? Well I have, and Im still sick. Tell the doctors. 3 blood tests, 1 CT, 1 MRI, a trip to the ER at Children's in downtown, and a consultation with a a group of specialists and a nerlogists (yeah, spelling mistake). And guess what? They gave me pain medication and sent me out the door. The nero guy didnt even bother to say my name right. My illness includes: my head hurting (like a migrane), and dizziness. One day I became so dizzy that I fell out of my bed, and for the next few days I fell to the left. The medication works and I have been playing, not a lot though. So there you have it. Another excuse from Christina Griffin. Well, I really have been sick. Sorry. Yup. ZEBRA!


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