Wednesday, November 3, 2010

New and Shiny

I have changed my blog aa bit. No may have noticed or you may have not, either way you now know!! I am now level 55 and still have a lot of computer problems with wiFi, wizard101, and a whole lot of other computer tech. things. Hpefully I will be able to blog more and not have long periods when nothing happens. Anyway, say hello to Celestia!!

Celestia is the new world (out of 6) and is based on the underwater world of Atlantis. In my opinion its a bit confusing but at least the grandmasters have something to do now! With this new world came a new level cap (60), new spells, monsters, pets, mounts, and schools! The new level cap is 60 and at level 58 you receive a new spell. Life gets Nature Lord, Death id Skeletal Dragon, Myth is Medusa, Fire is Efreet, Ice is Snow Angel, Storm is Leviathan, and Balance id Ra. The new schools are Sun (buffing), Moon (morphing), and Star (awesomeness). The new mounts are underwater themed (such as a stingray or shark) so When you are underwater it looks like your swimming. This is pretty cool but when your not under the waves it looks kinda weird and in my opinion it gives you a headache. The pets are likewise (underwater themed). Even with these downsides Celestia is pretty cool.

But I will be taking a brake form this cool, new world to endure on a quest. A quest for a Jade Hound!!

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