Sunday, June 13, 2010


As you know Amber is leaving the blogsphere :( Well I have to leave to, for 2 reasons. Well I have a problem. I play wizard101 on my Dad's laptop that he brings to work beacause its the only computer that will handle wizard101 with freezing but this caused a problem. You see my Dad has a screen at work that he hooks his laptop to so he can do this on that instead of the small laptop screen.
This is the problem:
I play wizard101 after Dad gets home
I logout and the laptop is fine
Dad brings laptop to work
Dad pluges laptop on screen
Big screen goes nuts while laptop screen is fine
Dad has to do a systom restore

Usually the system restore works but last time I played and it didnt. So I can no longer play wizard101. We have emailed wizard101 many times but we never get any replies. There is nothing we know of that we can do. So I am leaving wizard101 till we figure out what is wrong so I will also stop blogging. I was going to stop blogging anyway. Till we figure this out you wont be seeing me. Goodbye.

Yours truly,
Christina Griffin

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