Friday, May 28, 2010

Pet Party

Pets have been upgraded in the Spiral! Pets can now play games, eat pudding, mate and hatch to make brand new never before seen pets with sweet powers, cast there own spells in battles, and if you have extra pets in your backpack you can put them out in your house! I have two rooms in my house (which is the life school house). In the basement I have extra pets like my free piggle, blue cyclopes, fire cat, goul, fire bird, lucky leprechaun, red gobbler, and earthwalker. Outside in the tent thing I have my army of dragons (that I will one day rule the world with) and outside I have a cute little unicorn named Stella. In other news I am also really close to being a grand after my year of being stuck as 49 by lack of quests. Wizard101 is also having a crown sale and the gobbler give-a-way is over (I won a gobbler!). They also have a new pet comertial that is on all the time (its on right now).

In other news my birthday is in 5 days (June 1) and I want seasons 1 and 5 of House (I already own 2,3,and4)

Wish me a Happy Birthday and that is the news in the Spiral!

(Here are some sweet pics of my pet house (which I call a pet cave)

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