Tuesday, March 16, 2010

PVPs suck!

I HATE pvps. I have lost every time I have ever tried to battle. No matter who I battle with or against I always seem to die, no matter what! Like today this happened.

So I get into the battle(2v2) and my teammember wont talk to me. Of course they take me out first because of course I am life. I sit there the entire battle, knock out, talking with the other team, maling them laugh of course, them my team member heals me and says:
"Now you better heal yoursel"
But i only had 35 health and the other team ,sadly, take me out. They were upset because they were the ones who had been trying to get me healed so I could at least battle. Then I stsay knocked out the rest of the time. I am now friends with the other team but I still hate pvps. Sometimes I like the other team better than my and add them but most of the time but usually me and the other team go into a world class pissing match in which I end up reporting them and igorning them too. I currently have 93 people on my ignore list.

Dont try to help me cause your score will go down and dont vs me cause you will most likely get into a pissing match. I warn you, be careful if you end up battling me.

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