Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Marcia Overstrand

This has nothing to do with wizard101 but its important to me, my favorite book character. Marcia Overstrand is the extraordinary wizard in the book series Septimus Heap by Angie Sage.

Marcia Overstrand:
She is a tall woman with the characteristic green eyes of Wizards. She has long dark curly hair. Marcia wears a deep purple tunic, held at the waist by her ExtraOrdinary Wizard belt. She wears a purple cloak around her which is a part of her magic. Around her neck is the Akhu-Amulet of Hotep-Ra, the source of power for ExtraOrdinary Wizards. She wears a pair of purple python skin boots made specially for her by Terry Tarsal, the shoe maker. She has an aura of magic around her and people are fascinated as well as extremely scared by her as Marcia, though she doesn't know it, can scare people very easily.

About Marcia:
Marcia Overstrand has always been ambitious. Ever since she was a child she wanted to be ExtraOrdinary wizard. Though her peers settled for being apprentice to Ordinary Wizards, Marcia made sure that she became the Apprentice to the then ExtraOrdinary Wizard, Alther Mella. Marcia learned a lot from Alther who was an extremely patient teacher and a good wizard. When Marcia completed her final wizard examination, the heir to the Castle was born to the queen. Marcia and Alther went to the Palace to congratulate the queen. But the queen and Alther were murdered by an assassin. Marcia was able to protect the Princess and herself. Alther then gave her the Akhu-Amulet before dying and she became the ExtraOrdinary wizard. Marcia, in order to hide the princess, gave her to fellow wizard Silas Heap, who raised her as his own daughter Jenna. (first book)

the books:
Septimus Heap is now up to 5 books, there will be 7 books in the series. This is a must read for almost any child.

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