Thursday, November 12, 2009


NCIS is a television show that is kinda like CSI. There is now a NCIS Los Angles! WHOA! THIS IS THE BEST T.V. SHOW EVER! The main character Learoy Jethero Gibbs has a team of Tony, Tim, and Ziva. With help of Ducky(i know, awesome right)Abby, and Direster Vance. Its on every Tuesday night at 7:oo on channel 4. Right after that is the Los Angles version(not as good). I watch it EVERY Tuesday! This is a MUST see

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  1. Um....Finally someone is catching on! Go NCIS! Our whole entire family watches NCIS, and I agree, The NCIS:LA isn't as good. But in out family...we base ourselves on characters...
    Me: Ziva David
    Dad: Gibbs (Obviously!)
    Mom: Tim/ Abby
    Brother: Tony.
    Idk about Ducky and both the directors, but wow, it's an awesome TV show! Thanks for posting this.